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Blackout label was born from the combo of well-known macramé techniques & industrial materials. Established back in 2014,so far it has its clients from all over the world- all the way from Australia to Beijing!

The brand took part in numerous exhibitions for crafted and contemporary arts. The target group of the label are: "new-age", trendy, expressive, bold people, who are not scared to experiment. Both women & men, who are ready to find the construction in the chaos & deconstruction.

The brand is known for it's originality and unapologetic way of seeing the fashion trends. Both women and men benefit from this aesthetic revolution. The politics of the brand are simple: every single piece is unique and strictly personal. Every item brings a different energy and is never produced more than once.

All of the pieces are as UNIQUE as YOU are!


Plamena VLadimirova is the creative director of Blackout label.

All her life she has been searching for the unusual and unseen beauty in unexpected ordinary things.

Coming from family of engineers, her life has circled around electrical devices, nuts, wire and screwdrivers! In 2011 she graduated from New Bulgarian University with her collection "Unexpected desert"-which combines old macrame techniques and industrial materials.

After 3 years of being a stylist and a main designer in a famous Bulgarian brand,in 2014 she took a chance on her one and only passion -creating her own style & brand Blackout label.



04.2017 - #PUZZLE.ME collection was selected as one of the participants of DIN- DESIGN IN 2017, Milano design week.

12.2016 - the release & party performance of #SECRETSEX collection , Sofia, Bulgaria

09.2016 - Blackout label was included as one of the 100's best contemporary designers for 2016/2017 and was published in Contemporary Jewelry Yearbook. #THREADFICTION took part in :

  • JOYA - Barcelona
  • ESPAIJOIA - Barcelona
  • INHORGENTA - Munich

06.2016 - the label's capsule collection #THREADFICTION was included in www.adesigneraday.com as part of the new names on the designer's scene!

07.03.2016 - the premiere of the second personal collection #ANTIDOTS in Sofia, Bulgaria.

11.11.2015 - The Blackout label released it's first exhibition #SEEHERTHROUGH in Sofia, Bulgaria.

11.2015 - the brand was selected as a part of AUTOR'14 - the second biggest fair for contemporary art & jewelry in EUROPE based in Bucuresti, Romania.